Package Description






Scorch Rank

/enderchest - Allows you to access your ender chest from anywhere by command, perfect for stashing important items even whilst in the harshest of environments. 

/nickname -  Allows you to change your ingame name with colour, this utility is more for shortening long usernames or upgrading your boring username to something more creative, ex. Lucifer_WPF to Luci.

/hat - Allows you to place any block upon your head, because why not?

/feed- Allows you to gain full hunger at a moments notice, although it is on a cooldown- it can be especially useful in a pinch. (cooldown)

/top - This allows you to instantly teleport to the surface from any cave!

/repair - This allows you to fix sets of tools and armour modded and none-modded. (cooldown)

/craft - This allows you to open a crafting table from anywhere!

5 Homes - Allows you to teleport to different locations you've selected, this means you can easily access different parts of the map on the fly, or have multiple bases etc.

1000 Claim Blocks - Claim blocks are used to protect your builds, 1000 Claimblocks will more than enough for most bases and will assist any player who plans on building slightly large scale projects.

Discord -

Donor Chat (Discord)

Donor Rank (Discord)

Access To Music Bot (Discord)

Ability to use GIFs in all general channels. (Discord)

Rank Icon - "Donor Diamond" (Discord)

7500 xp (Discord)

Repair -  it has been custom made by us to work on modded tools, however, for sake of balance and fairness it has a cooldown upon use!