Package Description






Kit Ember -


Lich - Water Sage Set, Diamond Sword, Amordrine Tools, 32 Bread, Totem of Undying, 32 Logs, Regen Tome.

Fallen - Fire Watcher Set, Amordrine Sword, Amordrine Tools,  32 Bread, Totem of Undying, 32 Logs, 32 Arrows, 32 Diamond Arrows.

Titan - Water Lord Set, Amordrine Sword, Amordrine Tools, 32 Bread, Totem of Undying, 32 Logs, 2 Golden Apples.

Commands -

/enderchest - This allows you to access your ender chest from anywhere by command, perfect for stashing important items even whilst in the harshest of environments. 

/nickname - This allows you to change your ingame name without colour, this utility is more for shortening long usernames or upgrading your boring username to something more creative, ex. Lucifer_WPF to Luci.

/workbench - Allows you to open up a crafting bench from anywhere by command.

/hat - Allows you to place any block upon your head, because why not?

/top - This allows you to instantly teleport to the surface from any cave!

Perks -

Coloured Prefix - A cool colourful title that appears before your name in chat, tab and above your head that distinguishes you from the rest, a perfect way to stand out and looking cool as you do it.

1000 Claim Blocks - Claim blocks are used to protect your builds, 1000 Claimblocks will be more

5 Homes - Allows you to teleport to different locations you've selected, this means you can easily access different parts of the map on the fly, or have multiple bases etc.

Discord -

Donor Chat (Discord)

Donor Rank (Discord)

Access To Music Bot (Discord)

Ability to use GIFs in all general channels. (Discord)

Rank Icon - "Donor Diamond" (Discord)

7500 xp (Discord)