God Slayer


Package Description


The God Slayer Rank is another affordable way to both support the server and supply your journey across the snowy mountains of Habeth, with some nifty features and commands that could enbolden your ability to withstand the frost of Cocytus! With this distinguished rank, you'll stand out from the crowd with a fancy coloured chat prefix and with your access to the sneak-peeks channel on discord- The commoners will think you a visionary as you tell them about the upcoming features and updates.


  • (KIT) A kit containing special equipment that'll help you on your journey, said kit can be redeemed once per year.
  • (REDEEMABLES) One random basic key & one random dungeon key can be redeemed per month.
  • (COMMANDS) A roster of commands that'll aid you in your adventure, such as access to the enderchest command, nicknames and many more.
  • (RANK PREFIX) A coloured rank prefix in chat to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • (LORE) With this rank your ingame character will be seen as having earnt the Undead Slayer title, a noble badge.
  • (MISC) This ranks offers five additional sethomes, allowing you to teleport effortlessly from different locations.
  • (TITLE) The God Slayer title is automatically equipped, allowing you to earn a roster of different sub-titles to display under your username.
  • (CLAIMBLOCKS) You will be rewarded 650 claimblocks with this rank, a perfect amount to start your grand conquest.



Infamy Titles are an exclusive type of cosmetic for those who have supported us by purchasing a rank, They are displayed below your username ingame and are a way to show off your achievements and flex. Different ranks have access to different title pathways, with more challenging and impressive titles to unlock. With God Slayer you can unlock...

 All previous rank titles...

God Slayer Titles

  • Seraphin Slayer
  • Bishop Hunter
  • Saint Slayer
  • Angel Kin
  • God kin

    To access your titles and view each titles requirements you can simply run the /titles command ingame.


  • /enderchest - Allows the user to access their enderchest anywhere, incredibly useful for storing important items on the fly.
  • /nickname -  Not happy with your current username or simply want to shorten it? well now you can change it.
  • /top - Teleports the user to the highest point, useful when you wish to return to the surface after mining.
  • /transferclaimblocks - Patrons of our store get exclusive access to the trading of claimblocks.
  • /craft - Allows the user to access a workbench from anywhere.


     You must input your discord details when checking out to claim these features on our official discord!

  • Exclusive Discord Role 
  • Access to the 'Sneak-Peeks' channel where we post upcoming features and updates.
  • Access to the 'Supporter' chat channel.