Undead Slayer


Package Description

"Death was abundant in all the realm, such that life did not feel quite normal unless the passing of it occurred regularly. But such propagated a problem anew. Undeath. Whether caused by disease or a rogue caster it proved a growing problem for all settlements. How could one fight an army that grew each time a knight was lost? 

A small but elite faction of Slayers departed from their adventurers' guild and united against all undead, taking coin from settlements in return for protection wielding weapons enchanted with blessed runes that seared away the flesh of undead beings. They'd later be named the Undead Slayers."


 Kit Undead Slayer -


All our kits come in tiers, this ensures that the kits in our ranks evolve with you the player.

So no matter whether you've just started or nearly finished, the kit you receive is closer to your current standard.




- Unlocked at level 35



/enderchest - This allows you to access your ender chest from anywhere by command, perfect for stashing important items even whilst in the harshest of environments. 

/nickname - This allows you to change your ingame name without colour, this utility is more for shortening long usernames or upgrading your boring username to something more creative, ex. Lucifer_WPF to Luci.

/workbench - Allows you to open up a crafting bench from anywhere by command.

/hat - Allows you to place any block upon your head, because why not?

/top - This allows you to instantly teleport to the surface from any cave!


Coloured Prefix - A cool colourful title that appears before your name in chat, tab and above your head that distinguishes you from the rest, a perfect way to stand out and looking cool as you do it.

1000 Claim Blocks - Claim blocks are used to protect your builds, 1000 Claimblocks will be more

5 Homes - Allows you to teleport to different locations you've selected, this means you can easily access different parts of the map on the fly, or have multiple bases etc.

Additional Property - This allows you to rent one more property in the tutorial worlds, useful for players who want to become merchants or just like owning land.

FREE KEYWith this purchase you get one free Kings Crate Key!


Special Discord Donor Role
+ Access to Sneak Peaks channel

> This channel allows you see what we are adding before we added it!